Gastrointestinal complaints

Medicinal plant extracts used

  • Silverweed
  • Chamomile
  • Liquorice
  • Angelica
  • Blessed thistle
  • Wormwood 


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Gastritol® soothes the stomach, relaxes the abdomen


Gastritol® relieves mild digestive symptoms such as bloating, and milder cases of cramp-like abdominal discomfort.

Triggers for abdominal bloating and cramp

  • Stressful situations due to adrenaline and cortisone secretion
  • Sensitive stomach lining
  • Rich, fatty and spicy food
  • Nicotine, alcohol and other irritants that stimulate stomach acid production and acid rebound.

Symptom causes

Bloating and gas are often the result of digestion problems, but there are many underlying causes. However, these causes fall into three main categories:

  • Secretory – availability of digestive juices
  • Peristaltic – movement within the digestive system
  • Psychovegetative

Causes and prevention of bloating

Finding out the cause involves self-observation, as there are many, many reasons for stomach ache.


There are usually no biological signs of dyspepsia, which is why this is often referred to as a functional impairment. The reason may be psychological factors, increased acid secretion, muscle spasms in the stomach or bile reflux. Dyspepsia mainly involves a feeling of pressure and bloating, abdominal pain and heartburn, symptoms often triggered by intolerance to fatty foods, hot spices, sweets, alcohol, coffee and other culprits in acid rebound. Taking relaxation exercises or going away for a break for a few days may be enough.

Stomach inflammation or gastritis

Caused by acid stomach with the usual acid rebound triggers such as nicotine, alcohol, and fatty and spicy food; usually a temporary problem. The obvious first step is to stop taking in whatever it is that's stimulating stomach acid production and switch to a more balanced, readily digestible food.


Peptic ulcers

Ulcers arise from an imbalance in substances that protect and attack the stomach's lining, which starts to digest itself. There is a certain personality type that seems particularly prone to this type of complaint – the thin or even gaunt, ambitious, highly-strung perfectionist. People that fall into this category would do good to tone down the expectations they place on themselves and "chill out" every once in a while.


Relief for flatulence, bloating and cramp in the abdominal area:

Gastritol® Liquid: 20–30 drops in a glass of water three times a day. The symptoms will usually disappear after around a fortnight of using Gastritol®, although some will feel immediate relief in acute cases of bloating or nausea after a bout of overeating.


If that doesn't help...

You should see a doctor if the symptoms don't improve after two weeks to find out whether there is an underlying condition requiring different treatment. Typically, indigestion involves symptoms such as stomach cramps, flatulence and bloating in stressful situations, so taking the time to enjoy each bite and chew thoroughly before swallowing often helps. This has the welcome side effects in that you will appreciate the taste of your food more and not eat as much.


Gastritol® Liquid

Gastritol® Liquid contains medicinal plant extracts of chamomile, silverweed, liquorice, angelica, blessed thistle and wormwood.

Better by nature with Gastritol®


Read the package insert and consult your doctor and pharmacist about risks and side effects.

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