Better by nature.

Dr. Gustav Klein

Herbal medicine from the Black Forest.

Mission statement

Herbal medicines by tradition and conviction

Our activities focus on the power of nature in manufacturing and marketing herbal medicines in a tradition handed down by our founder, Dr. Gustav Klein himself.

We're dedicated to the wellbeing of our customers

Our corporate culture rests on the health and wellbeing of our customers, and nature gives us a helping hand in many ways. We have always put our best solutions and innovative natural products onto the market in an active contribution to improving quality of life for our customers.

We strive for excellence – top quality from the Black Forest

We live our commitment to nature and our region out of conviction, developing and producing natural products of the highest quality and verified effectiveness from our location in the middle of the Black Forest.

We support our employees and partners

Our success comes from our employees and partners – and working together for the wellbeing of our patients and customers using natural herbal health products. We operate in an active network, transferring our knowledge and experience.

We are part of a strong community

As a member of the Alpen Pharma Group, we are integrated into a global network to help us develop into new markets and expand our product range.